New Milford Public Schools Teacher Contract

New Milford Public Schools Teacher Contract: What You Need to Know

The New Milford Public Schools teacher contract has been a topic of discussion amongst the community for quite some time. While negotiations have been underway for months, the district and the union have finally come to an agreement.

Here`s what you need to know about the new contract.

Salary Increases

Under the new contract, teachers will receive a salary increase of 2.5% each year for the next three years. This is a significant increase from previous contracts, which only offered a 2% raise each year.

Health Care Benefits

The new contract also includes changes to the health care benefits offered to teachers. The district will continue to pay 80% of the premium for teachers` health insurance, but the teachers` share of the premium will increase from 20% to 25%.

Professional Development

The new contract also includes provisions for professional development. Teachers will be required to participate in 15 hours of professional development each year, which can be completed through workshops, conferences, or other approved activities.

Classroom Size

The new contract addresses the issue of classroom size, which has been a concern for many teachers and parents in the district. Under the new contract, the maximum number of students in a class will be reduced from 25 to 23, with the exception of physical education and art classes.

Vacation Time

The new contract also includes changes to vacation time for teachers. Teachers will now be able to take up to four personal days each year, in addition to their normal vacation time.

Implications for the Community

The new contract has implications for both teachers and the community at large. By offering a more competitive salary and benefits package, the district hopes to attract and retain high-quality teachers. This, in turn, could lead to higher academic achievement and a better overall educational experience for students.

However, the increase in salary and benefits does come with a cost. The district will need to find ways to cover the increased expenses, which could mean cuts to other areas of the budget.

Final Thoughts

The new Milford Public Schools teacher contract is a significant development for both teachers and the community. While the increased salary and benefits are a positive step forward, the district will need to carefully consider the financial implications of the new contract in order to maintain a balanced budget.

As the situation continues to unfold, it will be important for members of the community to stay informed and engaged in the conversation around education in New Milford.