Trusted House Sitters Agreement

Trusted House Sitters is a platform that connects homeowners with verified house sitters around the world. This service allows homeowners to have peace of mind while they are away, knowing that they have trusted someone to take care of their house and pets. The platform has gained a lot of popularity, as it serves an important need for both homeowners and house sitters.

One of the most important aspects of the Trusted House Sitters platform is the agreement between homeowners and house sitters. This agreement outlines the responsibilities and expectations of both parties and establishes a foundation for a successful house sitting experience.

Here are the key components of the Trusted House Sitters agreement:

1. Responsibilities of the House Sitter

The house sitter agrees to take care of the home and any pets according to the homeowner`s instructions. This includes tasks such as feeding and walking pets, watering plants, and maintaining the cleanliness of the home. The house sitter also agrees to communicate regularly with the homeowner, providing updates on the status of the house and pets.

2. Responsibilities of the Homeowner

The homeowner agrees to provide the house sitter with all the necessary information about the house, such as where to find important documents and how to operate any appliances. The homeowner also agrees to provide detailed instructions for the care of any pets, including feeding schedules and any medical needs.

3. Length of House Sitting

The agreement specifies the length of time the house sitter will be staying in the home. This ensures that both parties are aware of the duration of the house sitting arrangement and can plan accordingly.

4. Liability

The agreement states that the house sitter is responsible for any damage they cause to the home or any property of the homeowner. However, Trusted House Sitters provides insurance coverage for any damage caused by the house sitter, giving both parties peace of mind.

5. Payment

The agreement specifies the payment arrangements for the house sitter. Typically, house sitters do not receive monetary compensation, but they are provided with a place to stay for free. However, homeowners may choose to provide a small stipend for the house sitter`s expenses.

6. Cancellation

The agreement outlines the terms for cancellation by either the homeowner or the house sitter. In the event that the house sitter needs to cancel the arrangement, they are expected to give the homeowner ample notice so that alternate arrangements can be made.

In summary, the Trusted House Sitters agreement is an essential component of the platform. It establishes clear expectations for both parties and provides a foundation for a successful house sitting experience. By following the agreement, homeowners can trust that their home and pets are in good hands, while house sitters can enjoy a unique and rewarding experience traveling the world while helping others.